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GOSEN Racket Bag Pro 2023

Racket Bag Pro 2023

This tournament model emphasizes convenience with separate rackets, apparel, and shoe compartments with an internal mesh pocket. The bag's surface has a thick glossy enamel finish that provides it with a premium look and feel.
Overpower your opponents with the loud GOSEN logo!


Racket Backpack 2023 "Townuse"

Whether you're in the city, at the office, at school, or on the train, GOSEN's popular "Townuse" series provides you with a stylish and practical solution for carrying your rackets, clothes, shoes, and more.
This racket backpack is versatile and suitable for use with bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles as well.


Racket Backpack Slim

A standard model for minimalists. Rackets, clothes and shoes can be stored all in one.
It can carry up to 2 tennis rackets / 3 badminton rackets.


Shoe Bag 2023

This bag is crafted with a high-quality thicker texture that feels great to the touch and is designed to prevent shoe stains from seeping through. It's a practical and stylish choice for anyone who wants to keep their shoes protected and organized while on the go.

GOSEN Utility Bag 2023

Utility Bag 2023

You can keep your personal items, such as a change of clothes, shower set, makeup etc.., hidden in your bag or organized in your locker. Plus, it'll look stylishly coordinated with the GOSEN Racket Bag 2023.