GOSEN GRAVITAS 9.0-SX C.L. Badminton Racket



A high-end model developed by Chris Langridge and GOSEN together.
"SX" which is a stiff shaft flex is adopted for the frame design of oversized face + wide body. It can also be used for speedy racket work.



  • Length: 675mm
  • Grip Length: 200mm
  • Face Are: 54.79 in²
  • Frame Width
    12 o'clock: 10.7mm
    3 & 9 o'clock: 11.0mm
    6 o'clock: 11.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.70mm
  • Grip Size: G5

Weight: 82-84g / 4U

Material: Mitsubishi Chemical PYROFIL / M30
Colour: Black

Item Code: BGV90SX
Made in China


Design and Technologies of GRAVITAS Series


Similar to the racket used by Chris Langridge, this model will be released with a carefully selected wooden grip coated with polyethylene material.

Grip: Wood handle + PE coat specification

Normal replacement grip is not not included

  • Required Information when selecting Options

    • Please write the string tension you want with String Option
    • Please write Installation Yes or No with Over Grip Option