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Evolution of GOSEN INFERNO

The year 2016 saw the launch of the GOSEN INFERNO badminton racket, which boasts an elegantly simple design that maximizes the potential of its distinctive frame shape..
The inventive gameplay that results has captivated numerous world athletes.

It has been six years since the inception of INFERNO. The series has undergone continuous advancements in line with the changing times and is now presented in its most refined form.

Now, GOSEN INFERNO is in deeply eye-catching matte colours of "red" and "black."

The new model, a successor to the GOSEN INFERNO EX, boasts an upgraded appearance and design for a more aggressive look. The frame and shaft have been reviewed for improved functionality. It's a stiff and head-heavy model that's perfect for hard hitters who want to make a powerful impact on their opponents.


The latest edition of the GOSEN INFERNO has been given the name "Senren," which translates to "SMART." Its modern and streamlined design boasts a one-of-a-kind frame and a matt black finish that contributes to its all-around playability. The INFERNO's classic model has been reworked and is now known as the GOSEN INFERNO SMART, resulting in an even more well-rounded and advanced racket.