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"Special shaped core for Control and Softness"

Synthetic Nylon
Composite Mono-Filament


UMISHIMA (Sea-Island)
Ultimate Mono-Filament Structure

"UMISHIMA" ("UMI"=Sea, "SHIMA"= Island) is an original composite-structure technology developed by GOSEN, which combines different materials in monofilament.  UMISHIMA structure enables the creation of various string characteristics by changing the materials and number of the filament, that cannot be achieved by single-structure

A composite structure in which finer mono-cores (islands) are stacked with 1, 6, 12, and 18 in the base mono-core (sea)

UMISHIMA Structure3.jpg
UMISHIMA Designs.jpg
Different Characteristics by the number of UMISHIMA 'Island'
Softer Mono-Filament Sting than other Multi or Synthetic
LAYTEX Data.jpg
Umishima Shop
UMISHIMA "Special shaped-core for Control and Durability": Subscribe
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