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GOSEN Backpacks are in stock

New tournament bag, racket backpack, cooler bag etc. for your sporting lifestyle.

Integrated Manufacturer

In 1954, GOSEN developed the world's first synthetic racket string in Japan.
We carefully plan, engineer, test, and manufacture original products with precision.

Providing the best-conditioned rackets

Now, GOSEN stands as one of the world's biggest string producers, committed to providing the best-conditioned rackets with the "best strings", "best tools'", and '"best stringing techniques.'"

Tennis Strings
GOSEN CANADA Home Tennis Strings


Since 1954, we've been leading the way in synthetic string manufacturing. Our innovative range of tennis strings caters to every player, making us the go-to brand for tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

Badminton Strings
GOSEN CANADA Home Badminton Strings


Experience the strength and precision of our product, with its unparalleled resilience and sharp hitting sound. Our core thread is crucial for achieving optimal performance in both areas. Additionally, our side thread serves to protect the core thread from any friction during impact.

Badminton Rackets
GOSEN CANADA Home Badminton Rackets


a sound that cuts through the air. GOSEN rackets are designed to be sharper and faster, not just because of their impressive specifications but also due to their innovative design. With GOSEN rackets, you can confidently make those crucial shots that break through your opponent's defence.

GOSEN Racket Bag


The GOSEN bag exudes a strong sense of competitiveness and drive for victory, evident from the moment it is opened on the court. Whether at work, in school, or commuting on the train, the bag provides a discreet and comfortable space for players to keep their strategies and plans hidden until the game begins.

GOSEN CANADA Home Over Grips


Our common manufacturing policy is across all of our products. We carefully chose the finest non-woven fabric and implemented a new coating method to produce unrivaled over grips for players who strive for exceptional results on the court.

Stringing Tools
GOSEN CANADA Home Stringing Tools


GOSEN stringing machines and tools have been designed with the expertise, guidance, and research of HARIBITO, who are Japanese-certified professional stringers trained and certified by GOSEN.

GOSEN CANADA Home Accssories


to enhance your athletic lifestyle and bring a smile to your face during tough games? We all share a love for tennis and badminton and want to savor every moment.

Over Grips

About GOSEN®

GOSEN, founded in 1951, is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibres based in Japan. With a diverse portfolio serving industries ranging from sports and fashion to automobiles, agriculture, electronics, and medical, GOSEN is a trusted name in the market. The brand made history in 1954 by developing the world's first synthetic racket string and has been providing high-quality tennis and badminton strings ever since.