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Synthetic Strings, Began with GOSEN

GOSEN developed the world's first synthetic racket string in 1954. Now, we are the largest string manufacturer.

GOSEN was founded in 1951 in Osaka, Japan as a fishing line and fishing net manufacturer made of nylon. 1954, a racket manufacturer was looking for a substitute of natural strings for wooden badminton rackets to be exported to Southeast Asia. GOSEN thought that it would be possible to apply the techniques of making nylon fishing lines. After a prototype was made, GOSEN developed the 'HY-SHEEP' synthetic string with exceptional durability and outstanding performance at a low cost. Orders flooded from racket manufacturers, and from here on GOSEN began manufacturing first-class strings for rackets.


Tennis Strings

BEYOND THE POSSIBLE, we are the first manufacturer of synthetic strings in Japan.  We have been developing and manufacturing various tennis strings since 1954 to meet the needs of all players.  Now, we provide the largest variety of tennis strings in the world.


Badminton Strings

FEEL THE POWER, the supreme resilience and crisp hitting sound. Our core thread is essential for the hitting sound and resilience performance. The side thread protects the core thread from friction at the time of impact. By increasing the adhesion of the threads with our new manufacturing method "Microfusion" technology. A synergistic effect is created, and we succeeded in ameliorating the hitting sound, resilience, and durability at a high level.


Over Grips

NO COMPROMISE, our common manufacturing policy throughout all the products.  We selected the best non-woven fabric and developed a new coating method, creating the best over grips for players who aspire to outstanding results in games.  Years spent on the development and creation of over grips with care is what makes our products unmatched by any other.


Badminton Rackets

THE INNOVATION, a sound that pierces the air. That's what you can expect from GOSEN rackets. It's sharper and faster. And it's not just because of the specs. It's also because of the innovative design. GOSEN rackets will help you make those critical shots that pierce through your opponent's defence. Get out there with GOSEN rackets and show the world that you can achieve BEYOND THE POSSIBLE.


Stringing Tools

GOSEN stringing machines and tools are developed based on the skills, advice, and research from HARIBITO (Stringing Meisters in Japanese).  HARIBITO are certified professional stringers by GOSEN.


GOSEN is a manufacturer of synthetic fibres in Japan, established in 1951.  Serving in various industries such as sports, fashion, automobile, agriculture, electric, and medical.  GOSEN has been providing tennis and badminton strings since 1954 when developping the world's first synthetic racket string.

Total Technology

Research & Development

Multifaceted Evolution


Unique manufacturer with the production in total technology

Search for dream, hope, and solution on a string

Infinite potential GOSEN's products loved in every fields

We arrange the whole process internally, from processing raw materials to assembling the final products, which includes extruding, spinning, dyeing and coating. As a specialist in strings, we are proud of our "Total Technology", which is now a worldwide system. Our know-how in each process makes it possible to provide our clients with unique, value-added products produced with such superior technology.* Certified under ISO 14001/9001

We have been making a great effort for exploring the possibilities of "strings". Each product is born with value, matching all clients' frank requirements. Furthermore, our strength of adaptability when applying new technology to other fields, leads to abundant ideas for products, a step ahead of others.

In various fields in the world that require strings, our products are always active. The fields' demand for our strings has expanded from Tennis and Badminton strings, which have a high rate in the market share in the world, to many other strings such as for fishing, vehicles, electric appliances, construction, fashion, interior, agriculture industries, and more. The growing range of the market needs our strings. The part we play in multiple communities reveals our multifaceted performance.


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