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GOSEN Badminton Strings


Badminton Strings

The sound of a badminton racket striking a shuttlecock is a powerful and ambitious sound, indicating the player's determination to reach new heights. The innovative GOSEN G-TONE concept focuses on creating a resilient metallic sound that is loud, high-pitched, powerful, and durable.

Micro Fusion Technology

The hitting sound and resilience performance of our product relies on its core thread, while the side thread is responsible for protecting it from friction during impact. GOSEN's new manufacturing method, called "Micro Fusion Technology", enhances the adhesion of the threads, resulting in a synergistic effect that significantly improves the hitting sound, resilience, and overall durability of the product.


Hitting Sound Measurement Data

(G-TONE 5 Main 25lbs/Cross 27lbs)

The frequency of the hitting sound of G-TONE 5 is loud in the high-pitched zone near 5 kHz