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We arrange the whole process internally from processing raw material to the final products including extruding, spinning, dyeing and coating.
As the specialist of strings, we are proud of the "Total Technology" that is a unique system in the world. Our know-how in each process makes it possible to provide to our clients and furthermore unique value-added products are produced in such superior technology.
* Certified under ISO 14001/9001

We have been making great effort for searching for the possibility of "strings" providing several demands. A product is born with new value and solution when our development technology matches clients' frank requirements.
Moreover, it is also GOSEN's advantage that we work flexibly to apply new technology to other fields and that we have abundant ideas for products one step forwarded.

Various fields in the world need strings, where GOSEN's products are active. The fields' demand of our strings have been expanded on Tennis and Badminton strings which have high rate of the market share in the world and on many other strings such as for fishing, vehicles, electric appliances, construction, dressing, interior, agriculture, etc. Thus the wide range of the market needs GOSEN's strings.

Company profile and History

9th Colour Sports is a part of 9th Colour Enterprises.

Gosen and 9th Colour started business collaboration in 2016 to bestow Japan's pure 'Competition-Quality' sports accessories to Canadian athletes.

G-Power - for fearless Canadian athletes who crave for victory.

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