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+$0.77, you get Softer & Antibacterial Grip / BARRIER GRIP

GOSEN's Best-Selling Over Grip

GOSEN's SUPER GRIP is one of our best-sellers simply because it is tackier, more durable, and less expensive than the competition. Like our tennis and badminton strings, it is developed by GOSEN Japan and produced in Japan.

Since GOSEN's main products are tennis and badminton stings, I am hesitant to write this, but SUPER GRIP is the best product to feel the quality of GOSEN.


Our daily life and habits have changed significantly, called the "New Normal." So, we adopted ourselves and GOSEN developed a new grip as a part of CSR. BARRIER GRIP has a special ALD (Antimicrobial Liquid Dipping) treatment, which eliminates the 99% of germs on the grip.

Approved by JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) L1902 Antimicrobial Property Test

Inoculate the conventional product and BARRIER GRIP with the same level of Staphylococcus aureus. Incubate the bacteria in a constant environment for 18 hours and measure the quantity after culturing. The picture was taken with a microscope.

BARRIER GRIP is also Thicker and Softer

To penetrate and long-last the bactericidal substance, the material of BARRIER GRIP is 40% thicker than SUPER GRIP. So, it is softer and more durable than SUPER GRIP and keeps the same tackiness as SUPER GRIP. You might be able to eliminate double-wrapping or under-wrap,

Only +$0.77, Why not BARRIER GRIP?

BARRIER GRIP is currently on introductory sales. The price difference from SUPER GRIP is $0.77!! Shop BARRIER GRIP here at GOSEN CANADA Online Store.

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