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No Space in the Hole? Here is the Solution for Badminton Stringing!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The most irritated and time-consuming part of badminton stringing work is inserting a second string into the shared hole (sharing one hole with the main and cross string) and the hole that the main string diagonally across.

When you reach this hole, you pray, beg, cry, and look back your whole life to find if you have been a good human being to complete this task. I know the pain very well and have spent hours on this punishment.

The modern racket design reduced this type of hole, but your patient is still tested a few times when stringing a badminton racket.

What will you do? Cutting the string tip needle-sharp to find a tiny pinhole or using your final weapon, a stringer awl, to enlarge the pinhole...?

Here is a very simple solution that can reduce your badminton stringing time drastically and you can be happier than ever. After knowing this solution, I love the trouble holes because I can feel a sense of accomplishment every time!

The secret weapon is "Needle Threaders." You can get a package/box (approx. 20pcs) for less than $10 at Amazon. Happy stringing!

GOSEN is a manufacturer of synthetic fibres in Japan. We have been developing new strings and materials for racket sports since 1954 when we developed the world's first synthetic racket string. We continue researching, developing, and studying for the world's athletes. We will keep providing the results with our new products and information like this. Please subscribe for more information and updates.

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