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GOSEN Athletes and Player-Advised Products

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

BWF World Championships 2022

GOSEN supports many professional tennis and badminton athletes and para-athletes in the world. The BWF World Championships 2022 is currently being held in Tokyo, Japan. Only selected players can participate in the tournament, and the winners are crowned as "World Champions."

From GOSEN, Alexander Dunn and Ciara Torrance play in men's doubles and mixed doubles.

Alexander Dunn (Scotland) / GRAVITAS 7.5-SR G-TONE 5

Ciara Torrance / INFERNO G-TONE 5

Player-Advised Products

As a manufacturer, GOSEN works with many athletes to develop and improve products. Chris Langridge (England) is one of GOSEN's badminton athletes.

GOSEN created a new badminton racket, GRAVITAS 9.0-SX C.L. GOSEN's badminton racket developing team enhanced the rackets' flex, torque, balance, and impact zone by working with Chris. C.L. stands for Chris Langridge, and his signature is on the racket.

GOSEN works with professional tennis players as well. The most successful player-advised product is "UMISHIMA" tennis strings, AK Series. "UMISHIMA" ("UMI"=Sea, "SHIMA"= Island) is an original composite-structure technology developed by GOSEN, which combines different materials in monofilament. A.K. stands for the name of a former professional tennis player/GOSEN advisor, Anna Kournikova.

What about Canadian Athletes?

The former badminton champ/olympian Anna Rice (Canada) is now GOSEN's Badminton Ambassador. She uses a GRAVITAS 9.0-SX C.L badminton racket and G-TONE 9 badminton strings.

GOSEN also supports many tennis and badminton tournaments in the world. So, you will soon see more GOSEN players and tournaments on the news or nearby!

PS GOSEN used to have tennis strings named "MICRO SUPER J.C." and "MICRO SUPER G.S." Can you guess who we worked with to develop these strings?

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